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<strong>We Work For You.</strong>

We Work For You.

Our holistic approach begins with a foundation of the key areas of future planning including financial position, protection, investments, tax management, retirement planning and estate planning. Then, expands to address the additional planning dynamics that families with special needs face, including:

 Life Care Planning
 Government Program Integration
 Family Dynamics
 Legal and Tax Issues
 Financial Resource Management

Our process encourages communication among the family’s network of advisors, provides information, education, resources, and offers customized options that create financial and legal strategies unique to an individual’s situation.

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<b>Areas of Focus:</b>

Areas of Focus:

Our team focuses on three key areas; Emotional, Financial, and Legal.

 Address current and future primary concerns
 Create your vision for your life care plan
 Access to local organizations and advocacy groups
 Prepare a Letter of Intent
 How to involve family/friends in the planning process

 Uncover potential financial pitfalls
 Identify financial resources
 How life insurance can benefit an individual with special needs and their family
 Information on government benefits
 Determine current & future plan/care costs

 Uncover potential legal pitfalls
 Identify guardianship needs or alternatives to guardianship
 Identify trustees
 Guidance in preparing legal instruments, i.e. wills, trusts, and other legal documents
 Determine appropriateness of a properly drafted special needs trust and/or ABLE


We add value to our relationship with clients not only by being professional but because we are not afraid to work with your other advisors or consultants in making sure your financial plan is best suited for your needs.

We believe in leaving things better than we found them and want to help you do the same by giving you unbiased information you can trust and depend on.



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